capturing life through pictures!

5 years ago I made a decision

Hey, this is what I do... I set out each day in search of adventure, and when I find it I take a picture. Seems simple, but it has revolutionized the way I live my life! Everyday I take a picture and that picture tells a story, which allows me to remember the past, make the most of the present, and look forward to the future. Want to see how interesting life can be? Follow along and see....


My Valentine



My Valentine, a 68 year-old man! It’s not how it looks… Dave and I had talked about grabbing dinner for weeks and it just so happened that this was a night where both of us were “free”.  Gotta love the ratio of men to women in this town!

True Love.



True Love, it’s amazing thing…  You don’t see that much these days.  A lot people either haven’t found it, or have it all wrong…  Louis and his wife have it, and it’s clear just by looking at this photo! Married for who knows how many years, these two are as smitten as they were on their wedding day. Tonight they enjoyed a quiet anniversary dinner the night before Valentines Day. Louis is one of my favorites!



Good Clean Fun




I was tired, I didn’t have to go skiing, but I dug deep and mustered up enough energy to get the boots on…  I had no regrets! I met up with Matt for a few fun runs, we felt like kids! We hit jumps, posed for pics and just had a blast.  Proof, you don’t need 2 feet of powder to have fun(though it helps)!


Earlier in the day I waved goodbye to some incredible people…  Man, what a weekend!

Shared Experience




Sure, this is an awesome view and getting here by way of snowmobile was fun, but what made it fun was the people I got to share it with.. Jordan and I stood on this very spot a year ago! When Miss Turner got behind the wheel I felt a direct connection to the Holy Spirit as I prayed continuously for our safety! Fun day.

Black & Blue




I make it my goal to give each of my “visitors” the tools first, then test them to make sure they were listening… Jordan was put to the test and passed with flying colors! We spent most of the day on black and blue runs, and as a result he may in fact have black and blue bruises on his side! All jokes aside, he did great and looked like a pro going down WEST SIDE!

Winter Carnival



Tonight we celebrated 100 years of one of Steamboat’s greatest traditions, Winter Carnival.  I have seen my fair share of weak firework displays, but this was not one of them…  As the amazing display lit up the night sky I reflected on what a great town I call home. 





My life just got a whole lot better, Jordan West is town and he brought a few friends along this time! Yes, he wasn’t traveling alone and that wasn’t a bad thing…  That being said, Jordo still found himself in a sticky situation during dinner when the lid on the honey popped off!  Oops.

Slippery Slope




There are times in our lives when we find ourselves in slippery situations, and if we’re not careful we can lose control…  But with every slippery situation, there is always a solution. Just as a sharp blade can edge into the ice, we can use tact to navigate through life’s trickiest situations…  

Early Riser




After a late night I was shocked to be awake in time to watch the sunrise…  Simply breath-taking! 





Skiing with two skis is fun, but not nearly as exciting as skiing on one! Today, with the help of “Monodono” I learned the art of Mono-skiing!  Yes, it was awkward a first, but once I got the basics down I found it quite enjoyable. Don has been Mono-skiing for years and was kind enough to not only let me borrow his spare, but take a few hours and give me a few pointers. Thanks Don!